‘Cheeky’ old woman smashes traffic poles for ‘big bingo night’

He left his mark – his mark.

A hilarious moment in the UK when naughty parents arranged traffic markers to avoid traffic jams was recently captured on video.

Videos of him playing the board game have gone viral on Facebook, with viewers joking about his obsession with bingo.

“I can’t believe they did this,” Anthony Foxx, who filmed and published the incident, told Southwestern News. – There are ants in his pants.

Fox described the unidentified woman as “very, very naughty” in her voice acting when she was seen waiting for workers to deal with the accident near Colchester, Essex. The area is blocked off by construction works.

The shocking clip shows a line of cars stuck next to a lane separated by two posts.

On the other side of the median is a less congested lane.

Suddenly, the old brown woman got out of the car and started moving the marker like a lawn mower, seemingly trying to get into the fast lane.

In the report, Fox can be heard saying that waiting is “too polite.”

After opening the hole the size of a car, he returned to his car and tried to drive through the newly opened hole.

When he was about to cross the road of his choice, the traffic police came to arrest him to return to the previous lane.

Then, a worried-looking employee replaced the control panel.

Fox was unimpressed as passengers carefully avoided traffic.

“A woman her age should know better, and a 20-year-old guy would know,” he said. – He can’t lift the cone.

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In addition, the moderator feels that his configuration of frustration is “totally wrong”.

“They have to have a flat cone and holes in the corners so they don’t float,” he explained to SWNS. “He screwed up.”

He added that the driver was lucky that a “heroic” traffic officer stopped him, otherwise he could have been hit by an oncoming lorry after entering the lane. fast.