I want to stop turning prostitution into demons

I know why men cheat

A job like no other. “I want to stop turning prostitution into demons”

Ola said: “No one believes that I have customers who carry cans of gas. He works at a state-owned enterprise and is subsidized with gas. If he takes more than necessary, he will give me a block. oil for my car”. .

Thanks to him, Ola also got the easiest money in her life. – I get 6000 PLN for 15 minutes of sex in the morning and all day in Energylandia. He chose me…bring me a ring…

Ola started feeding two cats a day. Both hugged him tightly. Then he goes to the gym with a personal trainer or directly to a rented apartment. He has been working in this field for many months. He claims to earn up to 100,000 PLN in a “good month”. With what he calls “passive income”, he wants to have enough money to buy an apartment in Zakopane as soon as possible.


He used to work in a bank and is a trained lawyer.

– I have an advertiser in criminal law. Old pervert, old gingerbread man. I want to write my master’s thesis on money laundering. He said, “No, I have more for you, you’re right on topic.” This is the legal aspect of prostitution. I wrote an article and he kept telling me to correct my mistakes. Six months later, he looked at me like a worm and said, “You won’t be able to protect me.” Yes, it is necessary, I have protection from the other side.

Now, he earns in a day as much as he earns in the bank in a month. It is appropriate that they do not pay taxes. – I really envy these poor businessmen who spend half of their income stealing from the state.

An hour meeting with Ola costs PLN 900 and PLN 6000 for one night. They do not do anything that is not advertised. The number of sessions per day also depends on their availability.

“I like rough sex.” As far as I know, few girls like it. I have too many needs that I just want to fill during the day. I love doing it with the people I love. But if I don’t have that person, I don’t want the time and I want to take the money from him, then why not?

Yes, he fell in love with one of his clients. cooperation. There’s only one problem.”

– Did you forget to say that you have a husband? Eight years! Someone touched me, I went to see if he was in the apartment protecting me, because he said he was with my mother, not with my mother, he was just an idiot, he was alone. a woman! I asked him, “Don’t you see his back gets scratched from time to time?” If I speak, he said it once, but he got scratched in the gym. He said he didn’t want alimony, he would give 10,000 per month. I think they’re still together, I saw on Instagram.

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Prostitution is a very broad concept that includes working directly with clients, as well as appearing on webcams or posting lingerie. The work is done by people who really have feelings and needs – just like their customers. But an important step towards the normalization of this type of work—understood here by the basic rights of those who perform it—shows how complex and diverse sex workers are.

Golden Betty

– I don’t have a coffee maker at home, I’m waiting for my friend to buy it.

Call Betty your usual “friend”.

– If you have known someone for many years and know his real name, how would you describe him?

A friend suggested I buy an espresso machine for Christmas. It’s January now, so he has every right to be disappointed.

“So I don’t look like someone holding a list of goods and haggling with customers,” he laughs.

But in addition to the salary, Betty also received many gifts. They call it “second payment”.

Betty spent about three hours getting ready for the evening. He is a perfectionist. He knows that for men who approach him, this encounter is often the only chance to enjoy a woman. Gifts are proof of a job well done.

“One has to give to others, to care for others. I always say that perfume doesn’t pay the price. It’s a close relationship where we love each other and they have to give it back.

Well, sometimes it’s a relationship.

– but it’s hard to find people who don’t mind my work. Some people imagine me going around, but I’m at home every day. This cannot happen. After a while, my job became troublesome, even though I promised it wouldn’t.

Meet Betty at the cafe before practice. He tries to walk on the treadmill almost every day. Now he orders an Americano with almond milk. He spoke softly and quickly, even before taking his first sip of coffee.

– They call customers to “hit” and then kick one after another 15 minutes later. I’m not saying it’s bad, everyone has their own way. I like to meet someone for a few hours a day and focus on that person. Chat, tea, coffee, champagne.

An hour with Betty costs 300€, drinks or dinner together 700€ and dinner and breakfast 2,000€. EUR. Surcharges apply for unprotected oral sex, anal sex, and additional services.

Before that, he had been to Switzerland for a few weeks. You have to rent an apartment, advertise it, and then take a week off. They don’t like it when people just come and do what they think and then leave.

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“Especially after considering the cost and work involved, it’s not a big ‘wow’.”

Each new client must provide their name and age prior to the appointment.

“Some people really have a problem with that and they say, ‘I have to protect my identity.’

Betty has to defend herself. When he started his own business after several years working in a brokerage firm, he was abused by a client. Reported to the police but to no avail. Therefore, he is currently applying for bail before the meeting.

– It effectively deters scammers and dangerous people.

I remember the first day I came to work, I was in an apartment block with other girls, I was afraid of what would happen and what to do. Turns out all these girls were normal, and one of them treated me like a sister. We slept there without going home.

Today, they support each other in a closed group on one of the messaging apps, talk to each other, and sometimes learn about the new customer journey. If you don’t speak for a long time, someone else will write it down.

Betty has several skins on its website where customers can choose the one that works best for them. He also talks to people with disabilities, which is not the norm.

– I heard the stories of the people who came to the meeting and saw that the girl’s face looked disgusted. I don’t care about looks, I don’t care about body defects. I just need to be aware of my disability – so that I know what I can and can’t do to avoid hurting anyone.

I told him it was a really good relationship.

– Thanks, but come on, I’m not Mother Teresa, it’s all about money.



He studied applied linguistics. He lives in the same city as his parents, but on the other side of the city. If it wasn’t for his sister who felt responsible for him, he wouldn’t have had a relationship with his parents. Clara wants to kick him out of the house when he grows up. Clara could hardly afford this time.

To make money, he first worked part-time in the catering sector of a fast food restaurant, as that was the only place where his time was easy and he could take care of his studies. . Then he saw an ad: He was looking for a web chat manager in English and German.

– It turned out as I expected… it all depends on the type of hut. Ten models are sitting in front of a webcam – they’re just models, I mean they’re good looking, they all have computers, they all have chat sites, all moderated. His mission is to get customers to talk for a long time and sell money from him. I write back in English or German and tell the girls what to do. They pretend to send a message or wake up and turn it on. Also, notice the model sitting in front of the screen without undressing and “responding”.

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Clara didn’t stay there long because the company offered her a higher salary, but she declined. So she opened an account on one of the websites that sell used clothes.

– There are many different fetishists who want to buy shoes or underwear from you, and I got my first order – pants there. People are willing to give a lot, especially if you fulfill an additional need, such as wearing pants or urinating for more than a day.

However, you can make more money on chat sites where you interact with customers. Orders are even more interesting.

“It’s like going to an expensive dinner with someone and spending that person’s money.” This is an order. He gave me a few hundred dollars and I went to dinner with a friend. I think there are a lot of submissive men on this site looking for women’s attention. Some people are just lonely and want to be heard. They don’t talk about sex, they want to talk to other people. Others talked about their sexual fantasies, and that was enough for them. There are people who want to humiliate. They call themselves “Your ATM” or “Your Trash”. I texted like give money and immediately transfer, I don’t know, 80 zeta.

The dominant type is even rarer. People often try to lie to get something like this for free.

– Therefore, it is important not to process the order until payment is received. Some websites have appropriate security measures in place for this. They charge a 25% commission, but they guarantee that users will only start placing orders after receiving payment. Also, you are prohibited from receiving out-of-service payments. There is a surcharge for each additional order. For example, if someone wants you to wear the same pair of pants for four days in a row, it’s a daily surcharge for several days, which you can adjust if desired. Example: 60 PLN per day.

I asked Clara about the human element, how much she put herself in these tasks. laugh

– “Whoever makes that money doesn’t care what happens to their stuff. Our job is to put the package in the parcel camera. The people we send don’t even know who you are. people like. They just want to get to know you. Make some fantasies. Your own personal life please respect, using pseudonyms, providing false information is important. I will not contact these people after I complete the order.