Daily Summary: Likud blocks MK’s vote on judicial reform

Congressional Correspondent Carrie Keller-Lynn on congressional legislation; legal reporter Jeremy Sharon on the right-wing think tank turning heads and antifa

Welcome to The Times of Israel Daily Brief, a 15-minute audio update on events in Israel, the Middle East, and the Jewish world Sunday through Thursday.

Knesset reporter Carrie Keller-Lynn and legal reporter Jeremy Sharon join Amanda Borscher-Dan on tonight’s episode.

Keller-Lynn opened the event with a brief overview of where key sections of judicial reform legislation sit today and what we can expect from today’s plenary session.

MK senior Yuli Edelstein was reprimanded by Likud last night for missing two important votes regarding judicial review. We hear what Jewell’s camp has to say about why he missed the election and the consequences of his punishment.

A gem-funded bill would repeal provisions of the Withdrawal Act of 2005, barring Israelis from settling in the Homesh, Ganim, Kadim and Sa-Fur Nur settlements in northern Israel. west coast. Beyond these four decisions, what is the purpose of the bill?

In a statement last night, the right-wing think tank Kohelet appeared to be seeking a broad consensus compromise to launch a package of amendments to the law. Sharon thought to himself.

Keller-Lynn said four opposition parties in the Knesset plan to boycott the final vote, now scheduled for the end of the month, to promote judicial review of the government. How much weight does this move carry when the coalition clearly has a majority?

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