Get started with Microsoft 365 Copilot with GPT technology. This is the office for you

What if the technology responsible for Bing AI and ChatGPT were tasked with handling Office documents? Office developers think this is a good idea. It’s hard to fathom this vision when you see how fundamental and positive AI will change in Word, OneNote, To Do, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, and Power Platform.

This is very predictable. Microsoft has just announced the results of the implementation of its flagship service Prometheus – an advanced language model developed in conjunction with OpenAI. In other words, Bing AI’s discovery interface (part of ChatGPT) is used in applications that until now have been called Microsoft Office.

The combination of Microsoft 365 AI, Microsoft Graph, and Prometheus results in what Microsoft calls Copilot. In other words, an extremely intelligent assistant tailored and specialized in what is known as digital productivity.

Try Copilot as an overlay for all Microsoft 365 apps, including mobile apps. This class looks a little different in each of these applications. For example, the communication with the co-pilot when controlling the accelerator is different. In PowerPoint, this can be a presentation template in Outlook text format. However, this is just an addition to the text field of the main interface. So like ChatGPT or Bing Chat. However, Microsoft 365 Copilot has more than just a chatbot connected to a search engine.

With your consent, Copilot can access open documents and all data available in your Microsoft 365/Azure AD account. Contacts, email and Outlook calendar entries, OneDrive photos, Excel spreadsheets, tasks, etc

Data is processed in accordance with applicable law – data is not processed by Microsoft or third parties. In an enterprise environment, Copilot automatically enforces pre-configured access and security rules. Okay, but why all this?

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Microsoft 365 Copilot – How does it work?

  • The asdfasdfa.xls table contains sales data for the previous quarter. Illustrate with a 20-slide PowerPoint presentation with bright colors and a dominating bulleted list.
  • Notify employees to provide additional coverage. Details and conditions of insurance_2023.pdf. Create a sample email in Free Languages.
  • My grandmother’s birthday. Join me and Stefania Kowalska and collect all the photos on OneDrive. Use this image to create photo albums in Microsoft Designer.
  • View your past Microsoft Teams chat history. End the conversation with a new spider web project codenamed Perch.
  • This is a sales presentation. Also describe this information in Word as text, without images, but with graphics

Sounds like a day at the office, doesn’t it? However, if Microsoft 365 Copilot works as Microsoft promises, it will take you about the same amount of time to type the above command on the keyboard. And then there’s the impact assessment — as Microsoft kicks off the presentation to defend itself, it warns that AI isn’t perfect. In fact, due to the Bing AI illusion, Copilot’s work should be handled with caution.

But make no mistake: it saves a lot of time. And there are fewer errors because Copilot works on language models, Microsoft Graphs, and user data, rather than on large datasets.

Copilot can add topic-specific text to Word and pull information from user data or Bing. They can also be editors, summarizing long texts or rewriting them in a shorter (or longer) way.

Excel with Copilot helps users interpret data. You don’t need to know complicated Excel formulas anymore: just enter text about what to do with your data and Excel will process it into the appropriate formula. Copilot can also analyze its spreadsheets based on user suggestions to identify specific trends or relationships between data and visualize them in graphs or other user-specified methods. .

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Copilot in PowerPoint is a lifesaver for those who struggle with graphic sensibilities and creativity. Create a presentation from this Word document using pre-made images and no more than five slides

With Copilot, Outlook can summarize the most important information from long emails involving many people, including information from each participant’s point of view. They can also create their own emails with the right tone based on user-defined topics.

Copilot works similarly to Teams, allowing you to keep discussions lively with timely summaries. With access to your company’s calendar, Copilot helps you schedule follow-up appointments that work for everyone and avoid interruptions.

Copilot can also be used outside the application context as a standalone chatbot. Microsoft calls this product Business Chat.

Microsoft 365 Copilot is to cooperate with Microsoft office 365, which will bring great benefits and translate into the comfort of using the Software

The AI ​​revolution in Microsoft 365 is too early to announce

Impressive isn’t it? When can I see for myself? And compare Microsoft’s demo to a disappointing practice? Well… not for long. Microsoft is secretly testing Copilot with 20 customers, eight of which are Fortune 500 companies.

The company will discuss further availability in the coming months