Pennsylvania voters still face obstacles, report says

Pennsylvania voters

Voters in Pennsylvania face more obstacles than most other states, according to a bipartisan poll released by the Election Times.

Breaking news: The 2022 Voting Cost Index ranks Keystone State 32nd in terms of time, effort and resources to vote.

Why it matters: Creating more barriers to voting in situations where victory rates in previous elections were low could discourage people from voting by reducing turnout go vote.

The big picture: Pennsylvania has no rules about counting ballots by mail.

  • The US Supreme Court this week overturned a lower court ruling that allowed the state to count undated ballots.
  • The decision, made just weeks before the November election, has caused confusion over whether election officials can count undated ballots in envelopes.

Details: The report includes 10 categories, the most important of which is ease of registration and early voting.

  • New Hampshire is the hardest state to vote for, but ranks seventh in voter turnout in 2020.
  • Oregon is the easiest.

Zoom: Philadelphia sent ballots for this week’s November 8 election because of the game delay added to the ballot.

Under state law, ballots may be mailed up to 50 days before Election Day.
Note: The 2020 election was the first year that Pennsylvania made electronic voting invalid. “Pennsylvania is probably in the middle,” Marian Schneider, the ACLU’s senior policy adviser on voting rights in Pennsylvania, told Axios.

  • The state has made strides in recent years, such as expanding voting by mail to all voters.

Yes, but: Same-day registration and pre-registration for 16th and 17th may be cancelled.

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Between the lines: Threats to election workers also put elections at risk, Philly officials said during a news conference on Thursday.

  • Schmidt, who chaired a nonpartisan committee in the 1970s, called for stronger laws and protections for poll workers who could no longer deal with the threat. present.
  • “Pennsylvania’s voting interference statute is too narrow – it’s outdated,” said District Attorney Larry Krasner.

Be smart: October 24 is the last day to enter the November election.

  • The deadline for applications to vote by mail is November 1. All mail-in ballots must be returned by 8 a.m. November 8.