Senior Year: Rebel Wilson had to get permission from Britney Spears for one of the scenes. Why?

Rebel Wilson had to get permission

Rebel Wilson had the opportunity to go back to her teenage years with Netflix’s Senior Year. It remained in him that she played Stephanie, who, after 20 years in a coma, gets up as a 37-year-old and chooses to meet her biggest dream in high school – to end up being a cheerleader. It turns out that the protagonist needed to get in touch with Britney Spears herself so that she would give her permission to a certain scene.

Senior Year – The Rebel Wilson scene required the approval of Britney Spears In one of the scenes of the movie Senior Year, Rebel Wilson as a cheerleader had the chance to play the video of one of the most famous songs by Britney Spears – ‘(You Drive Me) Crazy’. It turns out that before replacing the icon of the 90s in the role of her impersonator, she had to acquire permission from the star herself. The developers were unsure if she would get her replacement well.

Therefore, together with the developers of the production, prior to shooting the scene, she personally contacted the famous artist to discover out her viewpoint about its application. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Senior Year star Rebel Wilson discussed the minute she discovered out about the remarkable condition of shooting a scene influenced by the popular Britney Spears music video: We had to get approval from Britney. I was extremely worried out, I thought, “Oh my God, I hope she recognizes we are paying tribute to her.” It was excellent that she provided us approval to do so. ‘Crazy’ is such a cool song with such a renowned video that I simply believed it would look great.

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The Senior Year film with Rebel Wilson as a cheerleader, who will deal with, amongst other things, the big hit Britney Spears, will debut on Netflix on May 13, 2022.