Senior political leader Madan Mitra to showcase his culinary skills on the TV show ‘Radhuni’

Senior political leader Madan Mitra

Equipment up for some high dose of entertainment today. All leading Bengali television channels are at loggerheads to woo the audience with their special offerings. One such special event will remain in culinary program ‘Radhuni’. The show is all set to welcome none other than a senior politician and MLA Madan Mitra. Understood for his dynamic personality, eloquence, and witty replies, the ace politician will appear on the show.

In the popular cooking program, hosted by Pompi Mukherjee, he will be seen in a brand-new avatar. On the occasion of World Youth Skills Day, ‘Radhuni’ will air a special episode including a senior political leader as the visitor. He will prepare Polo Ala Kiev, a Russian plate. The senior political leader had earlier shocked the audience with his singing skills and even appeared in a video, will be caught at his entertaining finest on the show. Notably, this is the first time, he will be seen showcasing his culinary skills on tv.

The TMC leader, who delights in big appeal, especially among Tollywood celebs, will engage in a fun-filled conversation with host Sritama Bhattacharya too. Besides sharing his experience as a political leader, he will also speak about the young generation and how their potential can enhance the country. Prior to this, he was seen in the popular game show ‘Didi No. 1’ accompanied by his better half. The unique episode of ‘Didi No. 1’, hosted by Rachna Banerjee likewise featured singer-turned-politician Babul Supriyo and his other half together with other special visitors.

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