Sexphone is a Dutch comedy

Sextelephone is a Dutch comedy

Sexphone is a Dutch comedy coming out today

Another series premiered on Netflix today, this time from a Dutch production that dared to address sex at a distance. The Sextelephone collection tells the story of the social and cultural changes in the Netherlands in the 80s.

As mentioned earlier, the series called “Sextelefon”, also known as “Dirty Line”, is a Dutch story about the world of Amsterdam, which was revolutionary in many ways during the 1980s, including culture. What do we know about this case?


Sexphone – Description of the series

The Sextelephone series takes viewers to Amsterdam in 1987, when the city’s social and cultural revolution began. We meet Marlee Salomon, a psychology student who works part-time to pay for college. The young woman is hired by the newly established Teledutch company.

It was founded by two enterprising brothers, Frank and Ramon Stigter, who invented Europe’s first sex telephone. The man earns a lot of money and becomes very rich in a short time, while Marley goes deeper and deeper into the world of teleportation.


Sexphone – Actor in the movie

The series stars: Joey DeLima, Minnie Cool, Chris Peters, Charlie Chan Dagle, Abby Hawes, Benjay Breining, Julia Akerman C, Joss Browers, Michael Muller.

The author of the series is Peter Barth Courtois.


Sexphone – Where can I watch the series?

The Sexphone series is another original work on the Netflix platform. That’s why the movie can be watched on the biggest streaming platforms.

The film will premiere on Friday, April 8, 2022, so you can watch it on Netflix.

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Sexphone – how many episodes?

Another internal production for the Netflix platform in the form of a mini-series. This story has only 6 episodes in the first season. All of this was seen in the morning while playing the entire season on the platform.


Sextelephone – Thoughts on the series

The series will especially appeal to fans of works that tackle controversial issues and touch on taboos. Comedy fans will also enjoy the series.

Fans of the religious revolution will find something for themselves. Audiences with fond memories of the 80s, home music and other genres will enjoy watching it. It’s also Netflix’s older series because of its themes of ecstasy and pornography, in this case anonymous phone sex.


Phone Sex – Book

This series is another entry that is not based on any books. This means that the series is created from its own script. However, we recommend another book on the same subject by Katarzyna Wyszynska.